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Why De Sexing Your Cat Is Important

Even though cat owners know that kittens are incredibly cute, most cat owners do not have any interest in having a litter of their own. There is already an over population of cats and kittens in the world, which means that responsible pet owners need to make sure that they take time to de sex their pets. Spaying or neutering a cat has a number of benefits, leading many cat owners to take their pet to a professional for this treatment.

Female Cats Will Be Healthier

One of the main benefits of de sexing cats is that spaying will help make a female cat much healthier and will ensure that they can live a longer life without major medical problems. Spaying not only prevents the growth of breast tumours, but it can also prevent uterine infections from occurring. For the best results, cat owners need to make sure that they spay their pet before they have their first heat.

Male Cats Avoid Major Health Problems

It’s not only female cats that can enjoy improved health after de sexing. Male cats, too, will be much healthier throughout their life. Male cats can also avoid some prostate problems and even avoid testicular cancer. This ensures that the cat lives longer and will avoid expensive and dangerous medical procedures as they age.

Male Cats Will Be Better Behaved

Not only will male cats be healthier after being de sexed, but they are also much less likely to scent mark in and around the house. Unneutered cats tend to mark their territory, and do this by spraying their urine in their space. This can be a very difficult habit for cat owners to break, which is why neutering right away is such a good idea.

The Female Won’t Go Into Heat

Any cat owner who has ever had a female go into heat knows that this can be a daunting time. While they are in heat, females are more likely to urinate all over the house and will yowl loudly to attract the attention of male cats that may be in the area. Females tend to go into heat every three weeks for four to five days during the breeding season, which means that cat owners will have to put up with a lot of poor behaviour from their cat if they do not spay them.

While some people think that de sexing their cats is cruel, it is actually a great way to ensure that the pet is healthier, happier, and will live a longer life. While de sexing won’t automatically cure all behavioural problems that an animal has, this is a great way to help decrease the likelihood of some problems occurring and help improve the overall health of a cat.