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Ways to Make Photography Classes Fun and Exciting

If you are passionate about photography, you will not mind joining a photography class. The problem is that since it is a regular class, it feels like high school all over again. Even if you are studying a course you are passionate about, you might find it dull at some point. These tips will help you make the class more exciting. Whether it is a crash course that lasts for a few weeks or regular sessions that you complete in six months, the goal is to improve your skills but also to have fun.

Shoot on film 

Your teacher might give you the chance to apply what you have learned in class by going out to take pictures. Instead of using your advanced digital cameras, you can go old-school and shoot on film. It might seem like an outdated method, but it is still useful. Besides, when you use this type of camera, you have no room for errors. Every shot counts. It helps you focus on the photos that you are taking since you cannot turn things around. It is also exciting since you will not have an idea of how the image looks until printing is over.

Do not make photography your primary goal 

The reason why it is quite difficult for some people to take beautiful shots is that they feel too obsessed with the idea of using a camera to take photos. Forget about photography for a while and appreciate the place where you are moving around. Take time to enjoy the scenery. Be mindful of your actions. Walk around or sit under the shade of a tree. When you feel inspired, you will take your camera out and shoot. In a stress-free environment, it is easier for you to capture fantastic images.

Try a different niche 

You might already feel comfortable being an expert in one subject or field in photography. It took time for you to find your voice. After seeing it, you need to cherish it. It does not mean though that you should not explore other options. You might already feel too comfortable with the idea that you are taking the same images. Try something different and challenge yourself. Who knows? You might have other interests in photography that you would love to pursue.

Print your photos 

Who still prints photos today? Given how easy it is to capture photos and share them online, most people do not bother printing them at all. However, if you managed to take a great shot during your class, you can celebrate it by printing the said photo. It gives you a sense of pride in your work. You may also create a printed portfolio that you can keep in your house and show to your guests.

Learning photography might be challenging. It could also be fun when you know what to do. Whether you are doing Beginner or Advanced Photography courses, the point is to enjoy every aspect of learning.

Image: Unsplash.com