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Can Low-Impact Car Accidents Cause Injuries

Low impact car accidents are those which are caused when the vehicles involved are travelling at a speed of 10 mph or less. Since the vehicles are moving at such slow speeds, any accident caused by them is not considered to be as a life threatening one. However, this does not mean that low impact car accidents cannot cause injuries!

Brain traumas and neck and head injuries which do not exhibit any effects until a few days after, are just a few examples of the kind of serious injuries that one can face even in low impact accidents. Victims might also at times need to go into surgery because of the injuries sustained at such a slow speed.

When such accidents occur, you can contact attorneys who are experienced and have expertise in such areas to help you with legal matters. Their legal advice can help you receive compensation for all the damage to your car and your health you suffered. Through law firms such as The Benenati Law Firm, you can hire reliable and skilled lawyers to handle your case.

Dangers Faced in Low Impact Car Accidents

Even though low impact accidents take place between standard sized vehicles, mostly cars, they still hit each other with a lot of force. At speeds lower than even 10 mph, cars collide with a force of around 3.5 tons. Vehicles which are slightly bigger than standard cars, such as trucks, SUVs, semi-trucks, etc., collide with even more force.

Moreover, the crashes that take place at the rear end prove to be even more dangerous, even if the vehicle barely has momentum. This is due to the concept of ‘magnification of acceleration’. According to this concept, the occupants of the vehicle accelerate more than the vehicle itself. This means that even at a slow speed, if the vehicle is hit, the passengers will absorb more force during the collision.

Common Injuries Sustained from Low Impact Crashes

Injuries to the soft tissues in the neck are the most common injuries that victims of a low impact car accident face. More commonly known as a whiplash, this injury needs to be treated and takes a slow time to heal. Similarly, the back muscles also commonly get affected in such accidents.

Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI is also an injury that victims suffer either immediately after the accident or a few days, weeks, or even months after it. Some symptoms of TBI include dizziness, irritability, headaches, anxiety, depression, fatigue, trouble in muscle coordination and in concentrating, disrupted sleep patterns, slurring speech, and repeated vomiting.

Another common injury that victims suffer from due to low impact car accidents is the Spinal Cord injury. It is a very serious injury as it can lead to triplegia, paraplegia, and quadriplegia. Symptoms of this injury include loss of bowel or bladder function, paralyses in trunk, loss of feeling in legs or arms, muscle weakness, fluctuating blood pressures, or breathing problems.

What Should Low Impact Car Accident Victims Do?

Receiving compensation for the injuries and damages suffered in such accidents can become quite tricky. Therefore, it is a wise option to seek legal help from experts who have experience in handling such cases in the past. You can hire attorneys who have a record of successfully dealing with such cases from The Benenati Law Firm. They can present your case in the court and fight on your behalf, saving you from a lot of mental and physical stress.