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Jewellery Safety Tips to Prevent Damage

You spend a lot of money to buy jewellery. You want it to last long. Regular use might cause dents and other damage. However, with proper maintenance, you can prevent things from getting worse. These are some tips to remember when you have the best jewellery in your collection.

Determine when to remove the jewellery 

Some people hate removing their jewellery since they might forget to put it back. It is okay if you want to keep wearing it even when you sleep. However, there are times when you have no choice but to remove the piece first. Before swimming is one example. The pool contains chlorine and other chemicals that could damage the jewellery. If you are swimming in the sea, you also have the threat of saltwater. Doing strenuous activities could also lead to profuse sweating. Your sweat could damage the piece too.

When applying sunscreen and bug spray, you need to remove your jewellery. The chemicals could damage the piece. You can wear it again once the chemicals have dried up. When walking in direct sunlight, it is not a good idea to wear jewellery. The sun might bleach the piece especially the natural elements from which the jewellery came from.

Regular cleaning is necessary 

You need to clean your jewellery after use especially since your body produces sweat and oil all the time. Using warm soapy water and a toothbrush, you can help clean the jewellery. After washing, make sure that you let it dry first before storage. Find a place where you can keep the jewellery clean and dry. Find a box that has compartments or dividers to ensure that the pieces do not scratch each other. If you are holding the collection at home, you need to find a safe place to ensure that it is safe if someone attempts to rob you.

Watch for warning signs 

Regular use could lead to minor damage that eventually becomes significant. For instance, if you notice loose stones on your bracelet, it is a sign that the rest might disintegrate. When your earrings do not fit well like before, it is also another sign. You might lose the earrings entirely without even knowing it. After noticing these signs, you need to visit your jeweller to determine the problem. There could be minor adjustments necessary for the pieces to fit well again. You can also ask the experts to deep clean the pieces to restore the original brilliance.

Even when you have the best and highest quality jewellery, it is still possible to encounter some issues. You need to be cautious with how you use the jewellery and in keeping it. When you already have a collection, you can start grouping the pieces by function or based on the materials.

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