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5 Effective Ways To Develop Good Memory For Studying

“I can’t remember” or “My mind has gone blank” are some of the common phrases that you hear among students when they struggle to recall some information either in class or while writing exams. It is not only the students though, but we all struggle to remember pieces of information and even forget things from time to time. However, for students, it is really important to retain information better as it is closely linked to academic success. Students need to remember the correct information in order to achieve better grades in the exams and basically show that they have mastered the subjects.

But hold on! Is there a proper technique that students can utilize to develop a good and effective memory? Yes, there is. Besides, the fact is that any student can actually develop efficient memory and increased retention power for studying. There are effective memory strategies that can help students remember what they really need and when they need it. Below we have listed some of the top methods that will help students enhance their memorizing capability and recall information while improving their performance in the exams.

Make A Habit Of Reading And Take Notes

When students develop a habit of reading it significantly helps in enhancing memory registration. Here, students while reading books should make an effort to take notes or highlight all important words and topics. Students should later review them.

Study Actively

An effective way for any student to learn a new concept or remember the old one is to engage in active studying. What they can do is teach or explain some difficult topic like valency or Newton’s Law to their classmates. Students can also follow the PQRST method which includes activities like Previewing, Questioning, Reading, Stating, and Testing. Students should carefully analyze the material they are studying, come up with questions and basically apply what they have learned. Such techniques can help students improve their ability to retain most of the concepts.

Understand the Information Clearly

The problem with students is that they are not able to recall important information because they have failed to completely understand the topic or it could be also that the information is confusing. To develop better memory, students can learn to summarize the information in their own words. Doing this will reflect that the students have clearly understood the topic and they will be able to remember it when they need to.

Dealing With Maths and Science

While studying maths and science subjects, students need to work their brain more in doing mental computations, thinking logically and analyzing many things. Therefore, it is crucial for them to develop a good memory. Maths students can improve their memory by writing down the steps of calculation instead of just doing it mentally. Students studying science subjects can use association to remember facts and numbers as well as make use of tools like acronyms, acrostics, etc. Keeping a separate notebook for formulas also helps to a great extent.


Visualization is an effective method to remember information either from a textbook or lectures given in the class. Using a picture to remember details is quite useful especially while studying abstract subjects. Students can create images in their mind that relate to the topics that are discussed in the class. The information will also be imprinted strongly in the mind and students will remember it easily. Visualization is particularly effective for memorizing science concepts. For example, while learning about the structure of atom students can visualize the symbol of a target.

Students can follow some of the strategies mentioned above and it will help them improve their memory and achieve better academic success.

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