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The Hidden Difficulties in mastering Korean

What usually scares many people about learning Chinese or Japanese may be the difficult system of figures that must definitely be memorized. This isn’t the situation for Korean, though. Actually, Korea has got the only truly phonetic alphabet in Asia. Known as Hangul, it had been developed scientifically with a group of scholars within the 15th century, and it was designed purposely to become simple to learn. Presently an altered type of the alphabet has been accustomed to develop literacy among peoples with no alphabet that belongs to them.

Therefore the studying and writing is simple to obtain lower.

The grammar by itself isn’t difficult either. You will find couple of irregular verbs, the majority of the grammar rules are straightforward and memorable, and though it may be an inflected language, you will find very couple of endings that you need to learn and many could be overlooked in spoken speech (unlike Russian, German, or Latin). Foreign loudspeakers from the language are often surprised at the Korean language’s consistency and internal logic.

Therefore the grammar is not difficult, either.

80 % of Korean words originate from Chinese, and therefore are usually short, obvious, and also to Western ears fairly distinctive. You are able to trace the etymology to Chinese root words and therefore expand your vocabulary fairly rapidly. Also, a lot of British-derived malapropisms – dubbed Konglish – have discovered their distance to the word what. So despite the fact that Korean is associated with its very own unique language family, the vocabulary could be learned with no troublel ., because again there’s a lot consistency within the language.

Therefore the vocabulary is not impossible, particularly if you have knowledge about Chinese.

For those that, though, the Korean language is difficult to make use of conversationally whatsoever. Why? Korean includes a complex system of honorifics affecting both nouns and verbs, with up to five amounts of respect, in addition to alternate words that you need to use when talking to “greater” people than yourself. Regrettably, the fundamental type of the word what can also be among the least polite – what this means is you need to discover the language backwards, beginning at an advanced of formality (used between adults) and dealing backwards for the more informal (and simpler) tenses. Which means that there’s a huge learning curve before you express the most fundamental ideas or ideas without unintentionally insulting your manager, your coworkers, or other people in the pub.

For example, go ahead and take sentence “The elements is great today”. There’s only one method to say this in British, that’s, “The elements is great today”. Exactly the same sentence pattern could be mentioned as much as five various ways in Korean, a few of which might be construed to be insulting. Suppose – a language by which something as innocuous as “The elements is great today” might be denigrating, so much in fact you could lose your brand-new friend, your brand-new client, or perhaps your brand-new job!

Actually, many those who have resided and labored in China and Korea condition that obtaining Chinese is a lot simpler than Korean. As you person place it, “I understand many people who are able to read Korean but can’t speak it, and lots of individuals who can speak Chinese although not see clearly.” In this way then, the word what mirrors the culture: Korean shuts out basically probably the most enthusiastic and dedicated, or on the other hand individuals who could care less if they’re classified as being rude.

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