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Things That Matter Before Undergoing Dental Implant Surgery

Implantology is an important branch of dental science for tooth restoration. A person may lose natural teeth owing to a number of reasons, which can impact the overall appearance and dental structure. Today, dental implants remain one of the safest and risk-free ways to get teeth back. Before you look for a dental clinic, here are some of the facts worth knowing.

  The myths

There are many myths related to implants, and sadly, most patients don’t even know the real aspects. Firstly, implants don’t have to be painful. The entire procedure is completed under general anesthesia, and therefore, you will feel no pressure or pain. Secondly, there are no risks with implants in general, unless there is some major issue with the surgery. Contrary to what is believed, implants don’t cause any kind induced headache, although the patient may feel some pain and allied headache, right after the procedure. Thirdly, this kind of tooth restoration technique isn’t expensive at all. However, the costs may not be covered by insurance, and therefore, it is a good idea to know the estimate expenses in advance. Do not hesitate in asking your dentist and insurance provider about the same.


Other things that matter

It is important to look for the right clinic. Look for clinics like Dr St-Onge Implantologue, which have all the facilities in place. There is no harm in asking your dentist about his experience and expertise, which eventually matters in the real treatment. Dental experts may have to undergo special training to offer implant related treatments. Also, a patient may need more than a few sessions to complete the procedure, and therefore, it is best to choose a clinic that’s close to your home. Not everyone needs dental implants, and your doctor/dentist will take a stand on that aspect. A person must have strong bone tissue to hold the implant in place. In general, if a patient is currently fit to undergo tooth extraction, he is considered to be an ideal candidate to get implants.


Dentists often consider other aspects before deciding on implants. This includes the medical history of the patient, especially if he has been an excessive smoker or has blood pressure or heart issues. There may be some extra care required after the surgery, so make sure that you follow the instructions in detail. If you have any concerns with regards to the expertise of the dentist, don’t hesitate in asking questions.