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Online Wine Deals and Wine Etiquette: How to Bring Wine to a Dinner Party

So, you’ve been invited to dinner, but you’re not sure what you’ll be having. It’s polite to bring something for the host or hostess and wine is always a good way to go. It’s a win-win situation. The host or hostess may choose to serve the wine you brought or he or she might save it for later and appreciate the gesture. But you’ll want to bring a universal wine that can pair with anything they serve since you’re not sure what that is.

Not to worry, there are lots of wines that can be a hit at any dinner party no matter the food and company. Here are a few wine suggestions to bring to dinner:

Light Reds

There is a time and a place for every kind of red wine but if you’re not sure what’s for dinner, go light. Red wines tend to be rich and bring flavour, but if the dish is fish it doesn’t pair well with red. When you’re not sure, go light with the red wine.

Crisp Whites

If you want a refreshing wine that makes each bite seem new and cleanses the palate between courses, you should go for a good white wine. Drier is usually better when you’re not sure about the dishes being served. Also, higher acidity will cut thick sauces and balance most meals. White wine is always greatly appreciated.


When choosing a rosé wine, you should make sure to go for one that isn’t too sweet. Rosé is often regarded as a sweet pink wine. However, there are great dry and crisp rosé wines that will pair well with almost any meal. Rosé is bright and tasty and will brighten any meal and mood.

Sparkling Wines

Sparkling wines are versatile. They can be casual or celebratory, depending on the mood of the party, not to mention that sparkling wines tend to be a crowd pleaser for almost everyone. Bubbles make us bubbly, and sparkling wines tend to also be fairly neutral and refreshing so they’ll pair well with just about anything.

Dessert Wines

Perhaps one of the most neglected types of wines, dessert wines are a great way to end a meal on a high note. Even if dessert isn’t being served, dessert wines are perfectly wonderful all on their own as well. A dessert wine can also keep the dinner conversation going, giving everyone more time to enjoy themselves and each other’s company.

Ordering Online

If you aren’t already running late to the party, ordering online is a great option when you’re looking for the perfect dinner wine selection. You can browse more easily and access wines at great prices. You can even score online wine deals a lot of the time and the wine will be delivered right to your door. It is simple and easy, and everyone will love a good wine at the party.