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Five Tips for Choosing a Travel Insurance Policy

When you’re getting ready to plan an overseas trip, you will want to purchase a travel insurance plan in case you need medical attention whilst on your holiday. However, with so many travel insurance policies available, they may be hard to discern from one another. Here are five tips to help you purchase a travel insurance policy to fit your needs.

Look for Age Restrictions

Depending on your age, you will need to find out if the policies you’re considering have age restrictions. Many travel insurance policies will charge a higher premium for travellers over 50 and others may not cover people over 65 at all. So, if you are an older traveller, you will need to find insurance company willing to sell you a policy despite your age. You can retrieve a quote from Now Travel Insurance for policies for older travellers.

Consider Medical History

When looking at different policies, you will find several exclusions for coverage due to medical conditions. For instance, you may have trouble getting covered if you’ve had cancer in the past, are a diabetic, have a heart condition, or suffer from epilepsy. You will be given a medical history form to fill out and it is very important that you are honest when answering the questions. If something were to happen and you hid a medical condition, you may not be covered at all and will have to pay several thousand pounds in medical costs.

Read Cancellation Policies

If a health issue keeps you from travelling, you may be able to seek reimbursement for any deposits on tickets, hotels, or activities if you have a good travel insurance policy. Also, find out about coverage for if you miss your flight, if your plans are interrupted due to natural disasters, or if political upheavals occur in the country you’re visiting. Most policies will reimburse you for expenses if your plans are interrupted and your trip is delayed or cancelled.


What Items Are Covered?

When you’re away on holiday, anything can happen when your luggage is being transferred between flights or at the hotel. Some of your possessions may end up being damaged, lost, or stolen, but you may be reimbursed for their costs with the right policy. However, some policies may not cover expensive electronic items like cameras, mobile phones, or laptops, so you will need to compare policies to find those that do or to find out if you can buy additional coverage for those type of items.

Being Sent Home

If you’re involved in an accident or become seriously ill and need to go home, you will need to find out how your travel policy covers repatriation. Most policies will cover the expenses to transfer you to a hospital near your home, but carefully go over each policy you’re considering to make sure those costs are covered.

Even though you can find an array of premium prices for travel policies, it is important to go over the coverage to determine which one best fits your needs, especially if you’re older or have certain medical conditions.