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The Affordable Way to Heat Your Pool

Your swimming pool is likely one of the best parts of your house; research has found that those who have swimming pools often list it as one of their favourite features in their houses. Also, people who are searching for homes often list swimming pools as one of the most important features they look for. They often will decide whether or not they will buy a house based on a swimming pool. However, swimming pools aren’t useful all year round.

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When the temperature starts to drop, your pool becomes very uncomfortable very quickly. Water temperature tends to be uncomfortable long before air temperature. A comfortable day might actually make your swimming pool incredibly uncomfortable. So, what is your best option? You need to heat your pool. Heating your pool isn’t always cheap, though. There are essentially two kinds of heaters; there are gas heaters and electric element heaters. Each one has serious disadvantages.

The Better Heater

An electric pump is one of the best kinds of pool heaters available. With an electric element heater, the water in your pool passes by some kind of heating element. That heating element, run by electricity, warms up; in turn, it warms up your water. It’s not quite an indirect heating system but it is very inefficient. A lot of energy is wasted in this process and a lot of heat is lost.

The Better Heater

There are also gas heating systems that work similarly. These systems involve burning natural gas that then heats up some kind of metal element. Your water then comes in contact with your heating element and it heats up. That’s the system that many people use. It has worked for years, but it could be better.

The better heater is an electric pump heater. These work through the same mechanisms as your pump and filter. The water in your pool is pumped through a device and run through a filter to make sure that it’s clear of bacteria and debris. If you have a pump heater, the water will be channelled and pumped through a warming chamber that warms the water. The water is then reintroduced into the swimming pool.

electric pump Pool heater

Why It’s Better

Put simply, a pump heater is better because it’s not so passive. Instead of waiting for water to eventually come in contact with a heating element, a pump heater forces the water through the heating process. Since it is under power and suction, it ensures that all of the water in your swimming pool eventually cycles through the heater.  With a standard passive heater, you often run into problems of having cold spots in the swimming pool. Those occur because water from one side of the pool hasn’t encountered the heating element.

Since a pump heater is actively sucking up water and heating it, you don’t have that problem. Throughout a heating cycle, all of the water in the pool eventually comes in contact with the heater.

a pump heater

You have a lot of choices for heating your pool; one of the best is a pump heater.